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What forms of static electricity can damage electronic products?

August 11, 2022

The basic physical characteristics of static electricity are: attraction or repulsion, there is a potential difference with the ground, and a discharge current will be generated. The three effects of these three characteristics on electronic components:

1.Electrostatic adsorption of dust reduces component insulation resistance (shortens life).

2.The electrostatic discharge is broken, making the component damaged and unable to work (completely destroyed).

3.Heat from electrostatic discharge electric fields or currents can damage components (potential damage).

4.The magnitude of the electromagnetic field generated by electrostatic discharge is large (up to several hundred volts / meter) and the spectrum is extremely wide (from tens of megabytes to several gigabytes), which causes interference or even damage to electronic devices (electromagnetic interference)

  If all the components are damaged, they can be detected and eliminated in production and quality control, and the impact is small. If the components are slightly damaged, it is not easy to find under normal testing. In this case, it is often caused by multi-layer processing, and even Damage was discovered only when it was in use. Not only was inspection difficult, but its loss was difficult to predict. How much manpower and financial resources will be spent to find out all the problems, and if the failure is only noticed during use, the loss may be huge.