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Electrostatic Elimination Solutions For Printing Industry

August 10, 2022

In the process of printing production, sometimes paper or printed matter will attract and adhere to each other, and it is difficult to separate. This phenomenon is the printing electrostatic phenomenon. In the dry winter, the phenomenon of printing paper with static electricity is particularly prominent. It may cause obstacles to normal paper feeding, delivery and paper leveling, or it may be impossible to start printing. Therefore, it is of positive significance to understand printing static electricity and master the countermeasures to promote production.

CASE 1:UV printer electrostatic removal
Solution 1:
Install an electrostatic elimination rod at the position of the nozzle cart to eliminate the electrostatic generated by the UV printer and improve the printing quality.

CASE 2:Electrostatic elimination of screen printing machine
Solution 2:
A. During the process of the product passing through the conveyor belt, an electrostatic ion removing fan is installed to reduce the electrostatic value on the product.
B. In the printing and finishing of products, electrostatic ion fans are installed to reduce the defective rate and improve the production efficiency.