April 28, 2020

Electrostatic sensor can be used in mask breathing resistance tester

Electrostatic sensor can be used in mask breathing resistance tester

1. Test equipment: textile testing instrument (mask respiration resistance tester)

2. Test purpose: the adsorption force of the mask.

3. Test method: add static electricity to the mask material.

4. Electrostatic testing instrument: electrostatic sensor.

The AP-YV3302 electrostatic sensor is a test instrument developed by Shanghai Anping Electric Technology Co., Ltd. to detect the electrostatic voltage on the surface of electrostatic objects. It uses non-contact measurement technology to minimize the impact of the detection instrument on the electrostatic field on the surface of the object. Ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

5. Electrostatic detection process: check the value of static electricity attenuation of the material after adding static electricity.

6. The purpose of electrostatic testing: to meet the adsorption times of the finished product.

Shanghai Anping Static Technology AP & T is headquartered in Caohejing, Shanghai. It is a well-known static electricity solution expert in China. It established in 1999. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, and technical services. s solution. It mainly produces ion bar, ionizing fans, ionizing air guns, ionizing air nozzles, ionizing air snakes, static electricity detection meters, static sensors, etc. The products are widely used in many industries such as printing, packaging, textile, electronics, semiconductor, medical equipment, plastic film, etc., and have been spread all over mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and are continuously exported to Japan, Australia, Korea, Europe and South America.

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