April 28, 2020

Application of static eliminator in mask machine

Application of static eliminator in mask machine

Common mask machines on the market are: plane mask machine, cup mask machine, duckbill mask machine, folding mask machine, gauze mask machine and so on. The most common is the plane mask machine.


No matter what production equipment, as long as there is friction, static electricity will inevitably be generated. As for the effects of static electricity, different devices have different effects. Today, we discuss, what is the effect of static electricity on the mask machine? What is the role of installing an electrostatic bar?


1. When the masks are coded, the spray terminal will absorb the fluff due to static electricity, and there are very tiny fluffs on the mask. Installing a static eliminator can solve the problem of fluff adsorption. Improve product rate and reduce damage rate.

2. Elimination of static electricity can achieve the effect of not attracting dust, because the mask cloth will produce dust particles on the cloth during the process of becoming a mask. Installing a static eliminator can solve the problem of defective products caused by dust adsorption.

3. The production of masks is generally fully automatic or semi-automatic. With the help of static eliminators, the product is automatically stacked and tidy at the material discharge position, saving time and effort for the next process of ear strap welding.


Regarding the installation position of static eliminator, Anping recommends:

1. For the plane mask machine, it is recommended to place the static eliminator on the discharge part of the mask body machine.

2. It is recommended that the earband welding machine is generally placed in the discharge part of the finished product.


Product recommendation: AP-AB1103 anti-shock AC ion bar or AP-AB1108 gas source type anti-shock AC ion bar.


The working principle of the electrostatic rod: adopting AC high-frequency power, acting on the dedicated emitter electrode through the impedance coupling device, ionizing the air molecules to generate positive and negative ions; and transporting it to the surface of the static-eliminated object by compressed air, neutralizing the positive and negative Electrostatic charge, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient and reliable elimination of static electricity. AP-AB1108 can also be used without ventilation, two methods can be selected according to actual requirements.

Shanghai Anping Static Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the elimination and control of static electricity for 21 years. Its product brand is AP & T. Among them, ionizing air fan, ion bar, ionizing air nozzle, ionizing air gun, and ionizing air snake are the core products of anti-static. The products are widely used in industrial production industry and electronic industry.

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