April 28, 2020

Quick solution to dust adsorption in industrial industry

Quick solution to dust adsorption in industrial industry


The key to solving the problem of dust adsorption is to solve the problem of electrostatic charge.


General methods for removing dust and static electricity:

Ground (invalid)

Air cleaning dust (weak)

Increased humidity in the environment (invalid)

Install static eliminator (effective)

(Air cleaning dust) Blowing off dust by blowing air on objects is the most commonly used method of dust removal, but the friction between the air and objects is likely to generate static electricity, causing the dust to be adsorbed on the objects again. Need to use static eliminator (recommended ionizing air nozzle, ionizing air gun, ionizing air snake can be combined with compressed air to purge).


The principle:

It adopts AC high-voltage electricity and is connected to a dedicated emitter electrode to ionize the air to generate positive and negative ions, which are transported by compressed air to the surface of the electrostatic object to be eliminated, and to neutralize the positive and negative electrostatic charges to achieve efficient and reliable electricity and dust removal. purpose.


Ionizing air gun / ionizing air nozzle / ionizing air snake is suitable for local static and dust removal.

● Dust adsorption on the chip

● Adhesion of chips during processing of resin products

● Foreign matter mixed in during tablet packaging

If you need a wider range, a larger range of static and dust removal, you can use ion rod series and ion fan series.


Ion bar series: suitable for eliminating static electricity in a wide range.

● Film adhesion

● Non-woven dust absorption

● Dust adsorption on printed materials


Ionizing air blower series: suitable for static elimination in the middle range

● Static and dust removal on the assembly line table

● Dust clogging of feeder

● Dust adsorption on circuit board


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