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Purchase Notes For Static eliminator

February 26, 2019

     How to choose a suitable static eliminator


Q1:Have you encountered static electricity during the production process?

Q2:Do you use the static electricity detector or static eliminator?


Start by asking the customer about the actual situation

1. What’s the industry ?

    what is product produced?

    what is the material of the product, and the thickness of the material?

2.Whether production environment is open or in a clean room?

3. where is the process mainly wants to solve static electricity?

4.Operation process of the object to be eliminated: how many meters in one minute, whether the machine operates or manual operation. The more details are better.

5.What is the current electrostatic phenomenon (ignition, hit, adsorption, discharge), in which part, the current size, style, installation space size, etc.

6.Recommend the corresponding product according to the actual situation of the customer, and tell the customer the effect that can be achieved after use.


Shanghai Anping Static Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 1999 which is the first Hi-Tech enterprise researching and manufacturing DC ionizer in China.

Our company is an authoritative enterprise specializing in the production of static eliminators and test charts.

Nowadays, the electronics industry is developing very rapidly, and the process requirements are constantly improving. Electrostatic problems are also receiving more and more attention. Because the generation and existence of static electricity not only harms, but also affects the service life of our equipment, it also affects the quality of our production products. In all respects, our company is the earliest research and development organization in China that produces static elimination equipment. It has been 20 years since 1999 and is the governing unit of China National Defense Electrostatic Industry Association. It is currently with Tianma. Samsung, LG, Foxconn and many other large companies cooperate.


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