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Electrostatic removal of washing folding machine

May 27, 2022

Electrostatic Hazard:


The washing and folding machine is used to handle items such as sheets, towels and tablecloths. At present, these items are usually made of man-made fibers. When they are transported through narrow conveyor systems and folding stations, a large amount of static electricity will be generated. Under the action of static electricity, such items will be adsorbed on the conveyor belt. As a result, they cannot reach the folding station, and then they are either automatically ejected from the machine or wound around the roller. Replacing the standard canvas conveyor belt with conductive conveyor belt can not solve this problem.





The ion bar of AP-AB1113 shall be installed before the first folding station, as shown in the figure. It should be noted that the upper belt should be a canvas belt, not a conductive belt. This is not only a more economical option, but also improves performance. The lower conveyor belt can be a canvas conveyor belt or a conductive conveyor belt.



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