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APPPEXPO (Ad, Print, Pack & Paper Expo)

July 23, 2020

APPPEXPO Ad, Print, Pack & Paper Expo


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APPPEXPO Shanghai International Printing Exhibition--Providing a one-stop solution for the advertising and sign industry, bringing together printing, cutting, engraving, display and exhibition methods, creating personalized projects across technology platforms, and bringing the Shanghai International Advertising Festival into a transcendent era The advertising concept and the exquisite creative design are expressed; it opens up the upstream and downstream relationship of the advertising logo industry, forming a complete system from inspiration conception, creative design to content realization. APPPEXPO Shanghai International Printing Exhibition will explore the new development of advertising signs in the future.


Effectively solve the problems caused by static electricity.

1.Prevent sticking

2.Prevent sticking

3.Control ink splashing

4.Prevent adhesion of objects

5.Prevent uneven scattering


As we all know, the products printed by uv printers are all high-precision products and the above problems during printing will cause the printed products to affect the printing effect. Anping has 21 years of practical experience in the field of static control. For the UV printing industry, we are confident to help you solve static problems.


Exhibition time: July 21-24, 2020

Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth No.: Hall 6.1-A0033


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