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Static Elimination Equipment / Desktop Ionizing Air Blower For Electrostatic Elimination

Static Elimination Equipment / Desktop Ionizing Air Blower For Electrostatic Elimination

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    ionised air blower


    anti static blower

  • Product Name
    Ionizing Air Blower
  • Input Voltage
    AC220v/50Hz Or 110V/60HZ
  • Working Voltage
  • Power
  • Ion Balance
  • Discharge Speed
  • Dimension
  • N.G
    350g (blower Body, Including Mounting Bracket And Screw Handle)
  • Warranty
    12 Months
  • Certificate
  • Website
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  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    USD 108-128/ sets
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    5-7 working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
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Static Elimination Equipment / Desktop Ionizing Air Blower For Electrostatic Elimination

Static Elimination Equipment / Desktop Ionizing Air Blower For Electrostatic Elimination

Static Elimination Equipment / Desktop Ionizing Air Blower For Electrostatic Elimination 0

Static Elimination Equipment / Desktop Ionizing Air Blower For Electrostatic Elimination 1

Product description

AP-DC2453 mini ionizing air blower is one of ionizing air blower series products produced by Anping Company (AP & T).

The AP-DC2453 mini ionizing air blower uses positive and negative synchronous emission electrodes to generate corona discharge through DC high voltage, ionizing air molecules, generating a large number of positive and negative air ions and blowing them to the surface of the object to be eliminated by an axial fan Perform static elimination.


Industry application

Can be widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors and other industries.


Product Features

1) Compact size and easy installation.

2) Can be installed inside the device to eliminate static electricity.

3) Low power and long service life.

4) The circuit performance is stable, safe and reliable.

5) The wind speed can be adjusted in three levels: high, medium and low.

6) The front and rear net covers are removable, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

7) Configure a dedicated external power adapter.



Model AP-DC2453
Input voltage DC12V
Power 5.5W
Working Voltage ±DC4000-DC7000V
Ion emission Steady DC
Emitter electrode Tungsten alloy
Discharge structure Uncoupled electrical contact (discharge cylinder)
Discharge range 450*300mm(L*W)
Discharge speed ≤1.5s (150mm from the front of the air outlet)
Ion balance -15V ~ + 15V (150mm from the front of the air outlet)
Alarm indication The power indicator is on and working normally
Air volume ≤48.2CFM
Noise ≤38.9db (1m away from the air outlet)
Ozone thickness ≤0.05ppm (150mm away from the air outlet)
Working temperature 0-50℃
Working humidity 30-70%RH
Dimensions 113*54*129mm(L*W*H)
Shell material Aluminum dusting
Installation accessories

1 pair of U-shaped aluminum powder spraying mounting brackets,

1 pair of bakelite screw handles (M5 × 10)

Adapter power INPUT: AC100-240V 50/60Hz;OUTPUT: DC12V 1000mA
Net weight 350g (blower body, including mounting bracket and screw handle)
Gross weight 600g
Warranty 1 year
Certification CE

Static Elimination Equipment / Desktop Ionizing Air Blower For Electrostatic Elimination 2

Safety Warning

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing and using this equipment.

2. It is not suitable to use this equipment in the environment with> 70% humidity.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use this equipment in flammable and explosive environments.

4. Unauthorized disassembly of the product is strictly prohibited, and internal maintenance and repairs must be performed by professionals.

5. The product is strictly prohibited from touching water stains, otherwise an abnormality may occur, resulting in electric shock or fire.

6. Check or replace the product, you must turn off the power, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

7. The product is specially designed for removing static electricity. Other uses are strictly prohibited. Any abnormal use may cause hidden troubles such as machine failure, electric shock and fire.

8. It is strictly forbidden to touch the electrode needle when it is energized, otherwise it may cause malfunction and electric shock accident.

9. The discharge needle is a sharp metal object, please use it carefully.

10. Before the product is powered on, please check the specifications of the power supply. Any power supply that does not meet the specifications will cause damage or even failure to the product.

11. Please check the power cord of the product regularly. If it is damaged, please replace it immediately, otherwise it may cause problems such as leakage and abnormal work.


1. In order to ensure the good performance of the product, ionizing air blower should be cleaned and maintained in time according to the use environment and the required electrostatic protection requirements, that is: gently clean with an electrostatic brush, a clean cotton swab, a clean cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol Carbon deposits on the discharge electrode and the metal mesh cover. Note:

A. It must be operated 10 minutes after the power is turned off.

B. During the use of the fan, when the needle tip has dust or white products, it must be cleaned.

C. After cleaning, you must wait for the alcohol to completely volatilize before powering on. Do not use any other organic solvents to clean the fan.

D. The alloy electrode is a consumable item, which is not covered by the warranty. The company must charge a replacement for maintenance.

2. Each control on the fan panel is pressed by the knob. The user must not press or rotate with excessive force, otherwise, the device will be permanently damaged.

3. If the power indicator on the front panel of the fan is off, it should be stopped and checked and repaired by professional maintenance personnel. It can be used only after the electrical performance index is normal.


After-sales service

1. Before leaving the factory, AP-DC 2453 mini ionizing air blower has undergone rigorous testing, inspection and aging treatment and its performance fully meets the relevant indexes marked in the instructions.

2. AP & T makes the following commitment to users: within one year from the date of purchase, our company will repair or replace any parts that have been defective after inspection by our company free of charge. However, this commitment does not apply to the following situations: the equipment has been misused and installed; the negligence and damage caused by accidents during use; it has been modified, disassembled or repaired by other non-Anping authorized service departments.

3. Except for the repair or replacement of parts within this provision, AP & T does not undertake any obligations and related responsibilities of product users.


Packaging accessories

1. Warranty card 2. Manual

3. Qualification certificate 4. External power adapter