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High VoltageElectronics shockless Industrial Static Eliminator Ion Pen

High VoltageElectronics shockless Industrial Static Eliminator Ion Pen

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  • Discharge Speed
  • Ion Balance
  • Power
  • Input Voltage
  • Operating Temperature
    0°C - 50°C
  • Working Humidity
  • High Voltage Wire Length
    2.5M(Can Be Customized)
  • Supporting Power
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    1 pcs
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    Standard Export Packing (Carton)
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    3 to 5 working days
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    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    2000 pcs / month

High VoltageElectronics shockless Industrial Static Eliminator Ion Pen

Electronics Injection Molding shockless Industrial Static Eliminator Ion Pen

Product description


AP-AZ5203 anti-shock ion pen is a pen-type static elimination device developed by Anping Company to eliminate static electricity on the surface of objects.

AP-AZ5203 anti-shock ion pen adopts power frequency AC high voltage, acting on a dedicated emitter electrode, ionizing air molecules to generate positive and negative air ions, and transporting it to the surface of the electrostatic object to be neutralized, neutralizing positive and negative electrostatic charges, to achieve high efficiency , The purpose of reliable static elimination.



1. It is a pen-type ionizer.

2. It adopts patented anti-static technology to produce large amount of ions.

3. Good safety performance, anti-shock design of transmitting electrode, long service life.

4. Work under the condition of high voltage and micro current.

5. Easy installation and flexible movement.


Industry Applications

Used in electronics, injection molding, printing, film and pharmaceutical machinery industries




Model AP-AZ5203
Operating Voltage AC7000V
Power 20W
Discharge distance 30-100mm
Ion balance ≤ㄧ±100Vㄧ
Discharge speed ≤2.0S
Operating temperature 0°C - 50°C
Working humidity ≤70%
High voltage wire length 2.5M(Can be customized)
Supporting power AP-AY1502/2502


High VoltageElectronics shockless Industrial Static Eliminator Ion Pen 0

High VoltageElectronics shockless Industrial Static Eliminator Ion Pen 1

High VoltageElectronics shockless Industrial Static Eliminator Ion Pen 2

Safety warning

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing and using this equipment.

2. The entire set of equipment must be reliably grounded during use, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms; otherwise, the ion pen and high-voltage power supply may be abnormal or even damaged.

3. It is not suitable to use this equipment in the environment with> 70% humidity.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use this equipment in flammable and explosive environments.

5. Unauthorized disassembly of the product is strictly prohibited, and internal maintenance and repairs must be performed by professionals.

6. The product is strictly prohibited from touching water stains, otherwise abnormality will occur, resulting in electric shock or fire.

7. When checking or replacing the product, the power must be turned off, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

8. The product is specially designed to eliminate static electricity, and other uses are strictly prohibited. Any abnormal use may cause hidden troubles such as machine failure, electric shock, and fire.

9. It is strictly forbidden to touch the electrode needle when it is energized, otherwise it may cause malfunction and electric shock accident.

10. The discharge needle is a sharp metal object, please use it carefully.

11. Before the product is powered on, please check the specifications of the power supply. Any power supply that does not meet the specifications will cause damage or even failure to the product.

12. Please check the power cord of the product regularly, and replace it if it is damaged, otherwise it may cause problems such as leakage and abnormal work.


1. In order to ensure the good performance of the product, it should be cleaned and maintained in time according to the use environment and the required electrostatic protection requirements, that is: use an electrostatic brush pen, a dust-free cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol to gently remove the discharge electrode and refill On the carbon deposits, its performance will be significantly improved. note:

(A) It must be operated 10 minutes after the power is turned off.

(B) During the use of the anti-shock ionization pen, when the needle tip has dust or white products, it must be cleaned.

(C) After cleaning, you must wait for the alcohol to completely volatilize before working with electricity. Do not use any other organic solvents to clean the core.

2. If the red switch work indicator on the high-voltage power supply panel is off, it should be stopped and checked and repaired by professional maintenance personnel. It can be used only after the electrical performance indicators are normal.


After-sale service

1. The AP-AZ5203 anti-shock ionization pen has undergone rigorous test inspection and aging treatment before leaving the factory, and can fully meet the relevant indicators marked in the instruction manual.

2. AP & T makes the following commitment to users: within one year from the date of purchase, our company will repair or replace any parts that have been defective after inspection by our company free of charge. However, this commitment does not apply to the following situations: the equipment has been misused and installed; the negligence and damage caused by accidents during use; it has been modified, disassembled or repaired by other non-Anping authorized service departments.

3. Except for the repair or replacement of parts within this provision, AP & T does not undertake any obligations and related responsibilities of product users.


Packing accessories

1. Warranty card 2. Manual 3. Qualification certificate