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Electroshock Proof AC Ionizing Bar

Electroshock Proof AC Ionizing Bar

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    Electroshock Proof AC Ionizing Bar


    AC7000V AC Ionizing Bar


    20W AC Ionizing Bar

  • Model
  • Working Voltage
  • Power
  • Ion Emission
    Power Frequency Communication
  • Ion Balance
  • Discharging Speed
    ≤1.0S(working Distance100mm)
  • Supporting Power Supply
    AP-AY1504/ AP-AY2504
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 pcs
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard Export Packing (Carton)
  • Delivery Time
    3 to 5 working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    2000 pcs / month

Electroshock Proof AC Ionizing Bar

AC7000V Electroshock-proof AC Ionizing Bar Fast static discharging Ion Bar


◆Product Overview

The AP-AB1113 ion bar is a rod-type static elimination device developed by AP&T to eliminate static electricity on the surface of objects.

The AP-AB1113 ion bar adopts the power frequency AC high voltage, acts on the special emitter electrode through the impedance coupling device, ionizes the air molecules, generates positive and negative ions, and delivers to the surface of the static elimination object, neutralizing the positive and negative electrostatic charges, achieving high efficiency. , the purpose of reliable elimination of static electricity.

Can be widely used in film, printing, plastic, textile and other industries.


◆Product Features

1. It is a rod type and horizontal type active static eliminator.

2, the bar is small, saving installation space.

3. High voltage, micro current (μA level) working state.

4. Fast static discharging.

5, tungsten electrode, long-term ionization ability.

6, with anti-shock function, to avoid accidental touch caused by human body injury.

7,Special strip-shaped notches on the back of the rod, the mounting bolts can be moved.


Performance parameter

Model AP-AB1113
Working voltage AC7000V
Power 20W
Ion emission Power frequency communication
Transmitting electrode Tungsten
Discharge structure Resistance coupling
Discharge range L*W*H(150mm→3000mm)*300mm*100mm
Installation distance 30→100mm
Ion balance ≤|±150V|(AVE)
Discharging speed ≤1.0S(working distance100mm)
Operating temperature 0°C - 50°C
Working humidity <70%
Dimensions L*W*H(150mm→3000mm)*21mm*32.4mm
Rod material Flame retardant PVC, AL
Mounting accessories M4×20 hex mounting bolts
Supporting power supply AP-AY1504/ AP-AY2504
High-voltage cable length 2.5m (can be customized according to requirements, the longest size is 10m)
Warranty period 1 year
Certificate CE


Electroshock Proof AC Ionizing Bar 0

Electroshock Proof AC Ionizing Bar 1

◆ Maintenance

1. In order to ensure the good performance of the product, it should be cleaned and maintained in time according to the use environment and the required static protection requirements. That is, use an electrostatic brush, a dust-free cotton swab, a dust-free cloth, and remove the anhydrous alcohol. The performance of the carbon deposits on the electrodes and rods is significantly improved. note:

A. It must be operated 10 minutes after the power is turned off.

B. During the use of the ion bar, when there is dust or white matter on the tip of the needle, it must be cleaned. When the brush is not used to meet the cleaning requirements, use a dust-free cotton swab to remove anhydrous alcohol.

C. After cleaning, the alcohol must be completely evaporated and then energized. Do not use any other organic solvent to clean the rod.

2. It is found that the ion bar appears to be burnt, it should be stopped, and it should be inspected and repaired by professional maintenance personnel. It can be used after the electrical performance index is normal.


◆ After-sale service

AP-AB1113 anti-shock AC ion bar has undergone rigorous testing and aging treatment before leaving the factory, and its performance fully meets the relevant indicators marked in the instructions for use.

1. AP&T makes the following commitments to the user: Within one year from the date of purchase, the company will repair or replace any parts that have been inspected by the company for free. However, this commitment does not apply to the following:

(1) The device was misused and installed;

(2) Inadvertent or accidental damage during use;

(3) Self-modification, disassembly, or repair by other service departments not authorized by Anping.

2. The discharge electrode is a consumable item and is not covered by the warranty. The company has to charge for the replacement of the customer.

4. AP&T assumes no responsibility or liability for product users other than repair or replacement of components within this specification.


◆ Packing accessories

  • Warranty card
  • Instruction manual
  • Certificate
  • M4 mounting bolts (2 bolts in 1m length, 0.5m increase in rod length, 1 bolt added)