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14.5W Great Ion Balance DC Industrial Air Ionizer AP-DJ1802

14.5W Great Ion Balance DC Industrial Air Ionizer AP-DJ1802

  • High Light

    industrial air ionizer


    static electricity elimination

  • Input Voltage
    DC 24V (Double RJ45 Interface)
  • Input Current
  • Output Voltage
  • Power
  • Ion Emission
  • Transmitting Electrode
  • Discharge Range
  • Air Volume
  • Audio Noise
    <75dBA (150mm From The Air Outlet)
  • Ion Balance
  • Ozone Concentration
    ≤0.05ppm (150mm From The Air Outlet)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 pcs
  • Packaging Details
    Standard Export Packing (Carton)
  • Delivery Time
    3-7 working days after payment
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    1000 pieces per month

14.5W Great Ion Balance DC Industrial Air Ionizer AP-DJ1802

14.5W Great Ion balance AP-DJ1802 DC Ionizing Air Blower Used In Electronics, Semiconductor


◆Product Features

1. 8 discharge electrodes, the amount of ions generated.

2. built-in pressurized axial fan, in addition to static speed.

3. with automatic boot brush function.

4. By default, the needle is automatically brushed once every 8 hours, eliminating the need for manual brush cleaning and maintenance.

14.5W Great Ion Balance DC Industrial Air Ionizer AP-DJ1802 0

5. fan five-speed speed regulation, stable performance.

6. with LCD display, can display device address, wind speed gear, cleaning cycle, as shown below.

7. with ion self-balancing function, self-balancing range ± 10V.

8. positive and negative ion output ratio adjustable, can be used for ion balance adjustment.

9. When the fan fails and the ion balance is abnormal, the sound and light alarms.

10. ion output characteristics, can be adjusted with the remote control.

11. It can realize online communication and monitor the working status of the fan.

12. Through the CE test, with electromagnetic protection, will not cause electromagnetic interference to other equipment; can also effectively avoid external electromagnetic interference affecting the normal operation of the fan.

13. The structure of the whole machine is modular, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

Industry application

Can be widely used in electronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics and other industries.

14.5W Great Ion Balance DC Industrial Air Ionizer AP-DJ1802 1

Performance parameter

Type AP-DJ1802
Input voltage DC 24V (Double RJ45 interface)
Input Current <0.6A
Output voltage DC±5KV→±5.5KV
Power <14.5W
Ion emission DC
Transmitting electrode Tungsten
Discharge range 750*300mm(L*W)
Air volume <179CFM
Audio noise <75dBA (150mm from the air outlet)
Ozone concentration ≤0.05ppm (150mm from the air outlet)
Ion balance ≤|±10V|
Discharge time ≤1.5S (300mm from the air outlet)
Alarm indication

1.At the moment of startup, clean operation - blue light flashes;

2.Normal work - green light (always in surveillance);

3.Fan alarm - the red light is always on;

4.Abnormal ion balance—red light flashes;

5.Blue flashing during infrared debugging

Communication method RS485
Operating temperature 0℃-50℃
Working humidity <70%RH
Dimensions 177*81*205.5mm(L*W*H)
Shell material Aluminum dusting
Mounting accessories 1 pair of U-shaped aluminum dust spray mounting bracket, 2 pairs of stainless steel screw handles (M5×8)
Adapter power supply

1, Interface power supply (default standard):

INPUT: AC100—240V 50/60Hz;

OUTPUT: DC24V 2A (double RJ45 interface)

2, Jack-type power supply (customized models):

INPUT: AC100—240V 50/60Hz;

OUTPUT: DC24V 2A (5.5*2.5 single male)

Integrated power supply


INPUT:AC100—250V 50/60Hz;

OUTPUT: DC24V 2A (16 RJ45 connectors)

With wireless communication / RS485 / LAN communication function

Weight Bare metal (with bracket) : 1125g
Net weight (network cable, power cord, adapter, remote control) : 1590g
Gross weight : 2080g
Warranty 1Year
Certificate CE

14.5W Great Ion Balance DC Industrial Air Ionizer AP-DJ1802 214.5W Great Ion Balance DC Industrial Air Ionizer AP-DJ1802 3

◆ Security warning

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing and using the device.

2. The whole set of equipment must be reliably grounded during use.

3. It is not advisable to use the device in a >70% humidity environment.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use this equipment in flammable and explosive environments.

5. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the product without authorization. Internal maintenance and repair must be carried out by professionals.

6. The product is strictly prohibited from touching water stains, otherwise abnormalities may occur, resulting in electric shock or fire.

7. Check or replace the product, you must turn off the power, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

8. The product is designed for static elimination. It is strictly forbidden to use for other purposes. Any abnormal use may cause machine malfunction, electric shock, fire and other hidden dangers.

9. Do not touch the electrode needle when the power is on, otherwise it may cause malfunction and electric shock.

10. The discharge needle is a sharp metal object, please use it with care.

11. Before powering on the product, please check the specifications of the power supply. Any power supply that does not meet the specifications will cause damage or even malfunction.

12. Please check the product power cord/communication line regularly. If there is any damage, please replace it immediately, otherwise it will cause problems such as leakage, poor communication and abnormal operation.


1. In order to ensure the good performance of the product, the fan should be cleaned and maintained in time according to the use environment and the required static protection requirements. That is: use an electrostatic brush, a dust-free cotton swab, a dust-free cloth, and remove the anhydrous alcohol to gently remove it. Dust on the electrode, discharge bracket, fan, metal mesh cover. note:

A. It must be operated 10 minutes after the power is turned off.

B. During the use of the fan, the electrode needle cleaning cycle should be set according to the use environment; the more humid and dusty the environment, the appropriate cleaning cycle should be reduced.

C. After cleaning, the alcohol must be completely evaporated and then energized. Do not use any other organic solvent to clean the fan.

D. The alloy electrode is a consumable item and is not covered by the warranty. The company has to charge for the replacement of the customer.

2. Press the knob on each panel of the fan panel. The user should not press or rotate excessively. Otherwise, the device will be permanently damaged.

3. If the work indicator on the front panel of the fan is off or not lit, it should be stopped and repaired by professional maintenance personnel. It can be used after the electrical performance indicators are normal.


After-sale service

The AP-DJ 1802 DC ion fan has undergone rigorous testing and aging treatment before leaving the factory, and its performance fully meets the relevant indicators marked in the instructions for use.

AP&T makes the following commitments to the user: Within one year from the date of purchase, the company will repair or replace any parts that have been inspected by the company for free. However, this commitment does not apply to the following:

1. The device is misused and installed;

2. Inadvertent or accidental damage during use;

3. Self-modification, disassembly, or repair by other service departments not authorized by Anping.

AP&T assumes no responsibility or liability for product users other than repair or replacement of parts within this specification.