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AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator

AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator

  • High Light

    anti static bar


    static electricity eliminator

  • Model
  • Input Voltage
  • Power
  • Ion Balancing
    ≤|±10V|(450mm To Center)
  • Discharge Time
    ≤3s(450mm To Center)
  • Air Volume(adjustable)
    2*90 CFM
  • Noise
    ≤ 55db (150mm From Air Outlet)
  • Ozone Thickness
    ≤0.02ppm (150mm From Air Outlet)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 piece
  • Price
    USD 228/piece
  • Packaging Details
    in cartons
  • Delivery Time
    3-7 working days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    100 pieces per month

AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator


AP-DC2452-60C overhead ionizing blower is one of the ionizing blower product series manufactured by Shanghai Anping Static Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.


AP-DC2452-60C overhead ionizing air blower applies the DC current ion synchronous transmitting technology. High volume of positive and negative ion are generated by two independent transmitting electrode with direct current corona discharge and arrive the object surface where the static to be eliminated most equally. Eliminate static and control the remaining static under international standard.

AP-DC2452-60C is widely used in electronics,plastic,chemical,printing and optics industry etc.

AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator 0


(1) Fit for remove static in large area.

(2) Multi-unit independent ion transmitting combination with stepless speed regulating.

(3) High speed of static eliminating and good circuit stability.

(4) Front and back cover net unloadable and easy for maintenance.



When using AP-DC2452-60C overhead ionizing air blower,the trestle should be fixed on stable and plain surface such as wall by screw and nut.

AP-DC2452-60C overhead ionizing air blower should be put near working area or 300~900mm to the objective. By screw the knob on both side of the trestle the horizontal angle can be adjusted so that the optimal effect of static removing can be achieved.


Installation instruction:

1. Insert the power cord to the power socket at the back side of the  blower

       2. Switch on the power.

       3. Adjust the air volume knob to reach the optimal impact.

AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator 1

Warranty and After Sales Service


(1)AP-DC2452-60C ionizing air blowers are strictly inspected before ex-work and match all the related technical standard indicated in this manual.

(2)AP&T PROMISE:Repair or change any damaged parts caused by quality reasons free of charge within one year from the date of purchase after we confirm the quality issue.

(3)Above promise is not fit for the following situation:Alternation of the device, wrongly used, incorrect installation, abasement, negligence, accidental damage, wrong input voltage, unpacking and repacking by user itself or maintain by other unauthorized service department.

(4)AP&T is free from any related responsibility of using the product except the parts specified here above.

AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator 2



In order to guarantee the blower to work with good technical feature, user should clear the sediment on electrode sharp slightly with brush pen every 5-7 days under normal operation. (Must be done 10 minutes after power is switched off)


AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator 3AP-DC2452-60C Two Fans Static Electricity Eliminator 4