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The harm of static electricity to the integrated circuit industry

October 30, 2020

First, ESA (Electro Static Attraction) electrostatic adsorption, it will cause serious pollution.
We know that the IC production process requires a clean workshop or an ultra-clean workshop. However, few domestic manufacturers can achieve that there is no particle in the clean room. Now it is required that the particle size of dust particles is reduced from the original 0.3μm to the current 0.1μm, but if the particle size of the adsorbed dust particles is larger than the line width , It is easy to scrap the product.
Sometimes customers will ask, we have done a good job of electrostatic protection in the whole process of producing wafers. We have connected all the grounding equipment and used anti-static equipment, and the purification level is also high. Why do we leave it for a while? Will it still suck ashes afterwards? That's because the machines or workshops that produce and process wafers are equipped with FFU high-efficiency filters. When the airflow rubs against the product, static electricity will be generated. When the static electricity accumulates to a certain amount, it will attract dust. Therefore, we suggest installing a static eliminator without air source at the bottom of the high efficiency filter to ensure the dynamic balance of the entire space.

Second, ESD (Electro Static Discharge) electrostatic discharge, it will cause device breakdown.
Electrostatic discharge is the process of charge accumulation. When the charge accumulates to a certain level, when a conductor approaches it, electrostatic discharge will occur. To give a simple example, in the dry winter, people can easily accumulate static electricity after walking and rubbing. When we touch a metal handle or open a car door, we will feel electric shock. This is electrostatic discharge. Generally, the human body has 3000 There will be an obvious discharge feeling when the static electricity is 5000V.
The same is true for semiconductor components. If a semiconductor device with a certain amount of static electricity is placed alone or into a circuit module, it will be broken down immediately. After the device is affected by electrostatic discharge, it may not be functionally damaged immediately, but it will affect the reliability of the component.

The losses caused by electrostatic discharge can reach billions of dollars a year. Therefore, many large-scale component and equipment manufacturers introduce professional technology to reduce the accumulation of static electricity in the production environment.
Third, EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) electronic interference, it will cause damage.
Electrostatic discharge will radiate a lot of radio waves, and these radio waves have frequencies, which will cause great interference to the surrounding microprocessors, such as chaotic program instructions, chaotic data, unknown error messages, etc. , And these problems are generally not taken seriously, but once a malfunction occurs, the harm it brings will be huge.