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Static eliminator applications in various industries

June 14, 2019

First of all, we need to know the dangers of static electricity, ESD electrostatic discharge, the biggest and most common hazard is in the electronics industry, as well as all high-precision technology industries based on electronic devices. Static electricity can inadvertently break down expensive electronic components, causing dysfunction of electronic products and even component damage. In particular, semiconductor integrated components are now getting larger and larger, integrated voltages are getting lower and lower, and electrostatic voltage sensitivity is also increasing. A small electrostatic voltage can affect the operation of the component and even break down the component, causing a large loss. In many factories, because the human body is charged with static electricity, the hand touches the components during the operation of the workers, causing electrostatic breakdown, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. When the circuit is tested, it will not pass, resulting in defective products.


The static eliminator is suitable for electrostatic dust removal in various processes in different industries such as circuit boards, plastic films, plating parts, coatings, coatings, non-ferrous metal sheets, wires, and sheet materials.

The static eliminator generates positive and negative ion currents when working, and it is helpful to require close-range static elimination for light weight objects. It is not a newcomer, but it still has a place in the static-removal equipment for a long time. It can be seen that the scope of use is still quite extensive. The use of static eliminators, according to its own characteristics, is most suitable for removing static electricity in articles like films. Both length and standard can be customized for a customer's needs.


Here is an example to illustrate the use of static eliminators:

1. Use static eliminator to eliminate static electricity on the surface of coils with high speed and large charge;

2. Use an AC static eliminator or a pulsed DC static elimination bar to “soak” the components in the ionized air to avoid static attacks;

3. Use the static eliminator to blow out the high-speed and strong impact ion wind, and blow off the dust that has been adsorbed on the outer surface of the product;

4. When producing plates or paper, the plates or papers will be attracted or squeezed by each other due to static electricity. For example, when feeding more than one sheet of paper or plate at a time, it will affect the continuous operation of the production, and the static eliminator can be used to penetrate the ion curtain to eliminate static electricity. and many more.

5. In screen printing, use a pulsed DC static eliminator to eliminate static electricity on the "long distance" screen.