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Static Elimination Solutions For 13 types of equipment in the printing industry

January 27, 2022

---------Common Confusion---------

Everyone knows that printing is performed on the surface of the object, and the electrostatic phenomenon is also mainly manifested on the surface of the object. the result is that almost all objects participating in the printing process are electrostatically charged. Will have a great impact on product quality and production safety.


---------Example 1--------

For label printing and production

Problem---ink will cause the printing material to adsorb dust and reduce the printing quality.


Solution---Install a static elimination rod at 500mm of the reel


---------Example 2--------

For Gravure printing, flexo printing, coating and lamination processes, etc.

Problem---the static problem will affect the quality and output of the product.


Solution---An ion rod is installed at a distance of 50mm from the paper surface


---------Example 3--------

For Digital printing

Problem---The printed paper usually has static electricity when it leaves the printer, which causes inconvenience to the post-printing operation.


Solution---Install a static elimination bar 25-50mm above the paper


---------Example 4--------

For Offset printing

Problem---Offset printing machine will generate a lot of charge, such as: double sheet feeding, sticky sheet feeding, ink splashing, sticky roller, uneven dusting, blockage / unevenness in the paper output, and failure of the next process


Solution---Ion rods can be installed 10CM above the paper stack


---------Example 5--------

For UV printer

Problem---The static electricity of the UV printer will cause the phenomenon of flying ink, resulting in blurred printing screen and even damage to the print head.


Solution---Install a static elimination rod at the position of the print head cart


---------Example 6--------

For Inkjet printer

Problem---If the inkjet machine has static electricity, it will cause the discharged ink droplets to change direction during printing, which will make the image quality worse.


Solution---Install a static elimination bar above the print head


---------Example 7--------

For Electrostatic dust removal of printing machine

Problem---In the process of printing, dust adsorption caused by excessive static electricity has become a major problem affecting the quality of printed matter.


Solution---Use an ion air gun to blow the machine, remove static electricity and dust from the machine, and improve printing quality.


---------Example 8--------

For Laminated laminated film

Problem---Before bonding, the surface of the film will attract dust due to excessive static electricity. When the film and printed matter are bonded, electrostatic discharge will occur, resulting in air bubbles, and the quality of the product will be reduced.


Solution---Use an ion bar near the imprint line


---------Example 9--------

For Pad printer

Problem---If there is static electricity during pad printing, it will attract dust, cause problems such as flying ink / burr, and reduce printing quality.


Solution---Ion rods are installed in the printing area


---------Example 10--------

For Screen printing

Problem---If the static electricity is too high in screen printing, there will be problems such as flying ink, dust absorption, and substrates sticking to the screen.


Solution---The best solution is to install the ion rod 500mm above the wire mesh


---------Example 11--------

For Origami machine

Problem---If the paper is too static on the paper folding machine, it will cause the paper to stick to each other, causing poor paper feeding, double sheets, and even paper jam.


Solution---Install an ion rod on the air line between the feeder air pump and the feeder


---------Example 12--------

For Automatic paper feeding machine, film feeding machine

Problem---Various static electricity problems such as conveying 2 sheets of paper due to electrification, jamming and irregularity.


Solution---Install an ion rod 10cm above the paper stack to eliminate static electricity in the paper feeder


---------Example 13--------

Paper and film cutting machine

Problem---A large amount of static electricity is generated when the paper is cut horizontally, resulting in uneven delivery or adsorption of shredded paper on both sides of the stack.


Solution---Install an ion rod above the cross-cutting knife



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