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LED products needs anti-static

August 16, 2022

LED products currently have a very broad market prospect, especially in the field of lighting. If the LED light source can be widely used in the field of lighting, it will be a revolution in the history of human lighting. However, due to technical and other factors, it cannot be widely promoted at present. There are many LED products currently used in the field of lighting, such as LED lawn lights, LED guardrail lights, LED underwater lights, LED spotlights, LED underground lights, and so on.

LED light sources have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no radiation, etc. Therefore, the application of LED light sources is becoming more and more widespread. At the same time, we should also understand several issues related to LED products.
1. LED products should be powered by a DC constant current power supply
In order to reduce product costs, some manufacturers use "resistance-capacitor-voltage-reduction" methods to power LED products, which will directly affect the life of LED products. Using a dedicated switching power supply to power LED products will not affect the service life of the product. It is best to use a constant current source, but the product cost is relatively high.
2.It should be noted that the increase in temperature will make the LED internal resistance smaller.
When the external ambient temperature rises, the internal resistance of the LED light source will decrease. If a regulated power supply is used to power the LED, the operating current of the LED will increase. When it exceeds its rated operating current, it will affect the service life of the LED product. The LED light source "burns out", so it is best to use a constant current source to ensure that the LED's working current is not affected by external temperature.
3. Pay attention to the sealing of LED products
No matter what kind of LED product, as long as it is applied outdoors, it will face the problem of moisture-proof sealing. If it is not handled properly, it will directly affect the service life of the LED product. At present, a small number of manufacturers with high requirements for product quality use the traditional epoxy resin "watering" method to seal LED products. This method is more cumbersome to operate. For larger LED products (such as LED fence lights) Not very suitable, it will also increase the weight of the product.
4. Need to take antistatic measures
During the production process of LED products, certain anti-static measures must be adopted, such as: the workbench must be grounded, workers must wear anti-static clothing, wear anti-static rings, and wear anti-static gloves. If necessary, you can install anti-static ions The fan should also ensure that the humidity of the workshop is about 65% to prevent the air from being too dry to generate static electricity, especially the green LED is relatively more easily damaged by static electricity. In addition, the antistatic ability of LEDs with different quality grades is not the same, and the antistatic ability of LEDs with high quality grades is stronger.
5.Control technology of LED guardrail light
At present, the most widely used control technology for LED guardrail lights is the "serial communication" method (mainly based on the DXM512 protocol). Its advantage is that each guardrail light does not have a specific "coding", and each can be exchanged arbitrarily, which is convenient for production and engineering installation. But its biggest disadvantage is that once one is damaged, it will directly affect all the guardrail lights behind it, just like a car driving on a one-lane highway. Once a car "breaks down", it will cause all cars behind it to fail. normal operation. For the fence lamp project of hundreds or even thousands of meters, due to the influence of external factors and the quality of the product itself, it is difficult to ensure that each fence lamp will not have problems, so it is easy to cause the phenomenon of "traffic congestion and paralysis".
In addition, the quality of LED light sources on the market varies greatly. Good-quality LED light sources not only have high brightness, low light attenuation, and strong antistatic ability, which also determines their long service life, but their price is cheaper than LED light sources are several times higher. We will often see some LED lighting projects, which are indeed very beautiful at first, but will soon be "incomplete", and some projects may even be unable to hand over work. Therefore, manufacturers and users should not "strike hard" on the price. Selecting a good-quality LED light source and taking effective technical measures to ensure the quality of LED products is the way out.