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Ionizing air blowers may be helpful for suppressing bacteria

February 27, 2020

Ionizing air blowers may be helpful for suppressing bacteria


Did you know that ionizing air blower for static elimination have a bactericidal effect and may be helpful in fighting the epidemic? The ionizing air blower eliminates static electricity by the positive and negative ions generated by ionized air, and the negative ions in it have a significant effect on inhibiting and killing bacteria and purifying the air. The earliest studies in this area can be traced back to the 1930s, and later in the 1990s, there was a small climax in this area, with quite a lot of research and papers. Of course, these studies were mainly directed at negative ions. At that time, the industry established a special term NAI (Negative Air Ion) for negative ions. In this context, some companies have also launched some related products, such as anion sterilizers, anion therapy devices, electrostatic therapy devices, etc. Here are the data and conclusions of some of these articles.


1.Anion sterilization mechanism

It is generally believed that there are two mechanisms: one is that air ions electrify particles containing bacteria and viruses (these microorganisms do not exist alone but are parasitic on the particles). The charged particles are enriched and discharged under the action of static electricity, and the microorganisms lose their activity under the action of electricity. The second is that negative oxygen ions are similar in structure to superoxide radicals, and have high biological activity and strong redox effects. It destroys the barrier of bacterial virus charge and the activity of bacterial cell active enzymes, so the virus loses its ability to attack cells.

An article from the Cavity Medical College of the Fourth Military Medical University in 1992 showed that the comparison of the number of colonies in the clinic using an anion device showed that the number of air bacteria was significantly reduced after 1 hour, and the number of bacteria could be reduced by more than 75% after 2 hours. Here are the experimental results in the article

Before switching on 30min Switch on

Switch on


Switch on


Switch on


Switch on


Switch on 350min

Switch on


5070.0±1092.7 4418.6±1674.4 5976.4±1581.3 5432.4±2313.6 2716.0±1465.6 1131.6±226.5 1222.0±387.6 1018.3±391.9

Some Japanese studies in 1997 found that mold and bacteria in the air can be reduced to more than 90% in an artificial air negative ion environment.

2. Negative ions reduce particulates to purify the air

Particulates in the air are easily adsorbed, aggregated, and settled under the charge of air ions, making the air well purified. This mechanism is often more prominent for small particles. Small particle size particles can easily penetrate the alveoli due to their strong penetrability, which is often more harmful. Several research data show that after air ionization, the number of particles with a particle size below 0.3 μm in the air can be reduced by more than 90%. The following table is the comparison data of a laboratory in the United States for the measurement of space ionized sediment particles in a clean room:


Particle size(µm) Non-ionization Space ionization
0.1 88-176 10.1
0.2 8.5-19 1.03
0.3 2.4-4.9 0.31
0.5 0.6-1.2 0.11
1 0.12-0.25 0.049
3 0.03-0.06 0.028

Unit: /cm2.h


3. Negative ions improve body function

There are three effects of air ions entering the respiratory tract and alveoli: ① Locally accelerate or slow down the cilia movement of the ciliary epithelium of the respiratory tract. ② After the air ions enter the respiratory tract, the vagus nerve receptors are excited by mechanical or electrical stimulation. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of the autonomic nerve transmit impulses to the central cerebral cortex of the vagus nerve, and then to the whole body through centrifugal nerve fibers. The ground produces corresponding physiological effects; ③ bodily fluids include humoral reflexes and direct body metabolism. Air ions and their electrical properties change the properties of the blood, and then stimulate intravascular receptors, especially those in the carotid sinus and aortic arch. From the receptors, the vascular movement center and other centers of the medulla are acted on by the centripetal nerve fibers. Causes the corresponding physiological changes in the body, which is called the body fluid reflex effect. In addition, air ions themselves or their charges can enter the blood through the alveolar epithelium, and their own charge directly affects the electrical metabolism of colloids and mitochondria in the blood. The comprehensive effect in this regard is manifested in enhancing immunity and body vitality, helping to restore physical function of the human body after exercise, calming the autonomic nerves, and improving the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.


4. Negative oxygen ion and ion concentration

In research, we often pay attention to the role of negative oxygen ions. In fact, during the ionization of air, especially in the process of strong electric field ionization, the oxygen molecules in the air components are more electrophilic than the molecules such as CO2 and N, so the oxygen molecules It will preferentially obtain electrons to form negative ions, so air negative ions are mainly composed of negative oxygen ions, so they are often called air negative oxygen ions.

The concentration of negative ions is usually based on the concentration of 1000 particles / cm3 as an important index for evaluating air quality. The ratio of the concentration of negative ions in the actual test air is called the CI value. The higher the CI, the better the air quality. In the rich natural environment with vegetation up to 200CI, that is, the concentration of negative ions in the air is 200,000 particles / cm3. This kind of place is often called super oxygen bar. Using a negative ion generator or ion sterilizer, the ion concentration of air often exceeds this data at a short distance, but the value decreases rapidly at a long distance.

The important of the ionizing air blower

Based on the above research results, we can conclude that negative ions do have a significant effect on purifying the air and inhibiting bacteria, and are also beneficial to improving the human body's immunity. Then, can the ion fan used to eliminate static electricity also be used as a kind of negative ion generator Does it have the same effect?

In principle, due to the number of discharge needles, ionization voltage, and the role of the fan, the ionization capacity of ion fans is often much higher than that of ordinary negative ion generators, but positive ions that are ionized at the same time will neutralize the formation of negative ions: after testing, it was found that The concentration of negative ions at the outlet of the ion fan is often over 10 million, even more than 100 million, and the ion concentration can reach one million in the range of about 1 meter. However, the ion concentration in other distances will decrease rapidly as the distance increases. Negative ions will neutralize together. Even so, within a few meters of the surrounding area, the ion concentration can reach several thousand, which is much higher than the ordinary area. Therefore, in the environment where the ion fan is kept on, the effect of negative air ions can also be sustained. If the positive ions of the ion fan can be removed or suppressed, then the ion fan really becomes a super negative ion generator. However, this may only be implemented on DC and pulsed ion static eliminators, and they cannot be used as static elimination equipment at this time. Wouldn't you know this as an ESD field?

A few attention issues

1. Ionic static eliminator, whether it is an ion fan, ion rod, air gun, or wind snake, because the discharge needle has a dangerous high voltage (thousands of volts to more than 10,000 volts), do not modify it by yourself to avoid causing tragedy . If necessary, be sure to consult with the supplier of the ion fan, and have it operated by professionals.

2. Ozone by-products of ozone. Air ionization generates ozone. Although both positive and negative ions have a mechanism for generating ozone, positive ions are more likely to generate ozone. Ozone has a strong bactericidal effect. Ozone sterilization is a common technical means in the pharmaceutical and food industries. At the same time, ozone also has the ability to purify the air Role. However, too high ozone concentration will cause damage to the respiratory tract and may also cause some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, it is listed as a pollutant in current environmental management, and there is a corresponding concentration standard requirement. At present, the ozone generation concentration of ion static elimination equipment on the market is quite low, and most of them can meet the most stringent standards. However, when using ionization equipment to purify the air, the following two points should be paid attention to: first, maintain ventilation and avoid ozone enrichment; second, reduce positive ionization and reduce ozone generation in principle.