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Electrostatic Problems Occured In Gravure Printing

April 22, 2022

In gravure printing, accidental ignition can cause serious harm to production.


This kind of ignition problem is caused by the discharge of static electricity on the coil surface to the surrounding grounding parts (such as electric spark), which ignites the combustible solvent in the ink tank. Usually this happens when the material enters and leaves the corner of the printing package (see the area marked on the way). Especially when the printing ink is gold, silver or black, which is more or less conductive, it is more likely to catch fire. The conductivity makes it easier to produce electric sparks.
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The typical installation of ion bar with short action distance is shown in Figure 1. Although it is better than nothing, due to its short action distance and the bar is close to the material, it has the following shortcomings:

1. Unable to cover the entire area that needs to solve the electrostatic problem.

2. The rod will soon be contaminated.

3. The smaller coverage area leads to the shorter residence time of the coil in the ion area, resulting in poor electrostatic neutralization effect.

4. The electrostatic elimination rod may be easily damaged due to the fracture of the coil.

The air source ion bar can be installed in the area far away from the coil (as shown in Figure 2), and the effective action distance can reach 150mm. This will completely eliminate the static electricity in the electrostatic control area (as shown in the figure), and reduce the probability of contamination and damage of the ion bar, so as to solve the above problems.