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July 2, 2019


AP-AB1103 AC Electroshock-proof Ion Bar

AP-AB1103 ion bar is the bar shape static eliminator developed by Shanghai Anping Static Technology Co.,Ltd.


AP - AB1103 ion bar generates positive and negative ion on emitter by AC high voltage and transfer the ion by pressed air to the object surface to be static removed. Thus neutralize the ion on the object surface and eliminate static efficiently and reliably. .

It is widely used in electronics, plastics, chemicals, printing, textile, optical and other industries.


Industry Application

Can be used in electronics, plastics, chemicals, printing, textile, optical and other industries.


Product Feature


(1)Bar shaped and cross over static eliminator

(2)Compact structure and elegant appearance

(3)Working under high voltage and micro current (μA level)

(4)Electroshock-proof function

(4)Stripe shaped notch on the back of the bar for user to fasten the bar




Model AP-AB1103/ AP-AB1108
Input voltage AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
Working voltage Power frequency AC7000V
Power 20W
Ion emission Power frequency communication
Transmitting electrode SUS
Discharge structure Resistance coupling
Discharge range




Installation distance 30→100mm/100→600mm
Ion balance ≤|±100V|
Air pressure NO /≤0.6MPa

Throttle valve

Air source connector

NO /Φ8-G1/8 Black
Discharge time

≤1.0S(Working distance 100mm)/

≤2.5S(Working distance 300mm,Air pressure 0.3MPa)

Working temperature 0°C - 50°C
Working humidity <70%
Bar material Flame retardant PVC、AL/Flame retardant PVC、SUS
Bar length 150mm→3000mm
Mounting accessories

M4×20 Hexagon mounting bolt/

M5×20 Hexagon mounting bolt

Supporting power supply AP-AY1502/ AP-AY2502
High voltage cable length 2.5m(Can be customized according to requirements,line length≤12m)
Warranty period 1Year
Certificate CE
Industry application Film, printing, plastic, textile, etc.



◆Working Ways(AC



Testing data as below(Test distance:100mm,Ion bar width:410mm):


Test standard:ANSI/ESD.STM3.1,ANSI/ESD.SP3.3,SJ/T 11446—2013

Test Device:Trek157 static detector

Test Voltage:±1000V → ±100V attenuation

Test environment:Humidity 50±5%;Temperature23±3℃



Use and Installation


  • Installation guide

(1)Choose an optimal position and fix the ion bar and power supply tightly.

(2)Insert the HV plug on the bar body into the HV output connection on power supply.

(3)Connect the ground end on the bar body to the ground bolt on the power

(4)Switch on the power


Safety warnings

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing and using the device.

2. The whole set of equipment must be reliably grounded during use, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms; otherwise, the ion bar and the power supply may be abnormal or even damaged.

3. It is not advisable to use the device in a >70% humidity environment.

4. Non-explosion-proof products are strictly prohibited to use this equipment in flammable and explosive environments.

5. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the product without authorization. Internal maintenance and repair must be carried out by professionals.

6. The product is strictly prohibited from touching water stains, otherwise abnormalities may occur, resulting in electric shock or fire.

7. Check or replace the product, you must turn off the power, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.

8. The product is designed for static elimination. It is strictly forbidden to use for other purposes. Any abnormal use may cause machine malfunction, electric shock, fire and other hidden dangers.

9. Do not touch the electrode needle when the power is on, otherwise it may cause malfunction and electric shock.

10. The discharge needle is a sharp metal object, please use it with care.

11. Before powering on the product, please check the specifications of the power supply. Any power supply that does not meet the specifications will cause damage or even malfunction.

12. Please check the power cord of the product regularly. If it is damaged, please replace it immediately, otherwise it will cause problems such as leakage and abnormal operation.


Use and installation

1, installation and use instructions:

1) Select the best power-off position and install the rod and the matching high-voltage power supply firmly.

2) Insert the high voltage plug of the rod into the high voltage output connection of the high voltage power supply.

3) Connect the ground terminal of the rod to the high voltage power supply ground stud.

4) Turn on the power switch, the switch indicator light will show the power supply, and the positive and negative air ions will be generated at the electrode needle to neutralize the static electricity on the surface of the object.


2, technical tips:

1) When using an ion bar, it should be placed in the work area where static electricity is removed. The installation angle should be perpendicular to the surface of the charged body. The installation distance is as shown below:


AP-AB1103 installation distance dimension


2) The ion bar should be placed away from the metal conductor and metal grounding body more than 3cm around the electrode. The rod must be connected to the grounding wire reliably.

3) The surface of the ion bar is not allowed to cover other objects.

4) The spacing between the two ion bars installed side by side and the distance between the obstacles such as the wall are shown in the figure below:


Fault solution:

NO. Problem possible reason solution
1 The static elimination performance is significantly reduced Discharge needle contamination and damage Clean or replace the ion bar
Ion bar set orientation is not appropriate Confirm the best installation location
2 Reduced static performance a conductor or other ion bar around the ion bar Remove (moving) conductors or other ion bars
3 Unable to discharge High voltage cable is damaged Return to factory maintenance
Ion bar insulation damage Return to factory maintenance
High voltage power supply is damaged Check the electrical grounding of the power supply and plant equipment, and return to the factory for repair
Poor grounding / no grounding Check the electrical grounding of ion bars, high voltage power supplies and plant equipment
4 Product burnout Ion bar insulation damage Return to factory maintenance



1. In order to ensure the good performance of the product, it should be cleaned and maintained in time according to the use environment and the required electrostatic protection requirements. That is, use an electrostatic brush and a dust-free cloth to remove the alcohol and gently remove the electrode and the core. And the carbon deposits of the metal discharge strips, the performance of which will be significantly improved. note:

(A) Must be operated 10 minutes after the power is turned off.

(B) When the ion bar is in use, it must be cleaned when there is dust or white matter on the tip of the needle.

(C) After cleaning, the alcohol must be completely evaporated and then energized. Do not use any other organic solvent to clean the rod.

(D) Alloy electrodes are consumables and are not covered by the warranty. The company has to charge for the repair of the customer.

2. If the red switch working indicator on the high-voltage power panel is off, it should be stopped and checked by professional maintenance personnel. It can be used after the electrical performance indicators are normal.



After-sales service

1. The AP&T ion bar undergoes rigorous testing and aging treatment before leaving the factory, and the performance fully meets the relevant indicators marked in the instructions for use.

2. AP&T makes the following commitments to the user: Within one year from the date of purchase, the company will repair or replace any parts that have been inspected by the company for free. However, this commitment does not apply to the following conditions: equipment is misused, installed; negligence during use, accidental damage; self-modification, disassembly, or other non-Anping authorized service department.

3. AP&T assumes no responsibility or liability for product users other than repair or replacement of parts within this specification.


Special tips

1, warranty card 2, manual 3, certificate 4, mounting bolts