August 15, 2019

NEPCON ASIA Asia Electronics Manufacturing Equipment & Microelectronics Industry Exhibition

Nepcon 2019

Date: Aug.28-30, 2019

Exhibition Hall: Shenzhen Exhibition Center


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     NEPCON ASIA Asia Electronics Manufacturing Equipment & Microelectronics Industry Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August 28-30. The exhibition area is expected to be 60,000 square meters, which is the largest NEPCON exhibition. Six exhibitions are combined to create a connectivity platform for the electronics manufacturing industry. As an international quality exhibition of electronic manufacturing industry, it is expected that 800 exhibitors and brands from 38 countries and regions, and 60,000 professional visitors from the electronics manufacturing industry will participate in the NEPCON ASIA exhibition.


     The 5G theme will showcase new technologies and products from printed circuit boards, circuit board assembly, automated assembly, and testing to electronic manufacturing. In 2019, the exhibition will focus on the core needs of the electronics manufacturing industry, focusing on the themes of digital manufacturing, lean production, product reliability, and industrial applications for communications, automotive, new energy, and smart cities.


Exhibition scope:

1.Mounting technology and equipment

2.Welding equipment

3.Test and measurement equipment

4.Dispensing, spraying equipment

5.Electronic materials & anti-static

6.Other surface mount technology

7.Industrial robot

8.Motion control equipment

9.Machine vision and sensing technology

10.Transmission / Pneumatic Equipment & Accessories

11.Automation equipment / accessories

12.system integration

13.Industrial Automation Information Technology and Control Software


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Our booth: 1Q22

Exhibition Hall: Shenzhen Exhibition Center



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