January 10, 2022

Almost All Objects Participating In The Printing Process Are Electrostatically Charged

During the printing process, due to the frequent impact, friction and contact between different substances, the result is that almost all objects participating in the printing process are electrostatically charged. Will have a great impact on product quality and production safety, so when purchasing printing equipment, we must pay attention to whether there is a static eliminator installed.


1.Digital Printing

Problem: The printed paper usually has static electricity when it leaves the printer, which causes inconvenience to the post-printing operation.

Suggested: Install a static elimination bar 25-50mm above the paper to eliminate the static electricity on the paper and make the post-press operation smoother.


2. Offset Printing

Problem: Offset printing machine will generate a lot of charge, such as: double sheet feeding, sticky sheet feeding, ink splashing, sticky roller, uneven dusting, blockage / unevenness in the paper output, and failure of the next process


A. Pre-press paper feeding: Ion rods can be installed 10CM above the paper stack to eliminate paper static electricity.

B. Post-press conveying: Install an ion wind rod within 50mm from the paper to eliminate the static electricity of the paper.


3.UV Printer

Problem: The static electricity of the UV printer will cause the phenomenon of flying ink, resulting in blurred printing screen and even damage to the print head.

Suggested: Install a static elimination rod at the position of the print head cart to eliminate the static electricity generated by the printer and improve the printing quality.


4.Screen Printing

Problem: If the static electricity is too high in screen printing, there will be problems such as flying ink, dust absorption, and substrates sticking to the screen.

Suggested: The best solution is to install the ion rod 500mm above the wire mesh, and the static electricity in the area covered by ionized ions will be neutralized.


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